Insurance Plans we accept

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois ( PP0)

  • Blue Choice of Ilinois (PPO)

Telehealth Provider

Please note:

Outpatient counseling services may be fully or partially covered by your insurance. Please call the member services number on the back of your insurance card to verify your insurance prior to your first session. Each client’s plan is different, so we are unable to provide you with specific details. Be sure to inquire about:


  • Which insurance company provides mental health benefits? (sometimes they will outsource this to a third party, and we won’t be considered in-network providers)
  • What are your outpatient mental health benefits (i.e. are you only allotted a certain number of sessions per year)?
  • What is your deductible (if you have one) and how much of it has been met? (A deductible is the amount the client must pay out-of-pocket before insurance will begin providing coverage for services)
  • What will your co-payment (fixed amount) or co-insurance (percentage of the total) be per session?

Self-pay and Out-of-network

Our rates:

  • Individual Therapy Session: $135- $145

  • Family Therapy session: $170

  • Intake Session: $180 per unit hr.


Sessions are 53 minutes in duration. Many insurance plans have out-of-network benefits, so we encourage you to contact your insurance provider to obtain more information about your individual coverage. Many of our clients are utilizing their out-of-network benefits and getting reimbursed at comparable rates to in-network providers. We will provide you with a receipt of services to submit to your insurance.

Payment Methods:


Credit card



  • All fees must be paid at the time of service.
  • 48 hr. Cancellation Policy
  • Please arrive to session at your scheduled time to maximize your session.

Our office is located on Lake Street, just east of Harlem Avenue. It’s centered in the heart of downtown Oak Park, with ample shopping and dining options nearby.

Our office is also conveniently located by the Lake/Harlem Green Line station.

We have an attached covered garage that’s free for the first hour and a half. Park at 3 E. walk over the attached bridge which leads you directly to our building and floor.

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 We are conveniently located Downtown

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